Visualizing Home Energy

Envision a home energy monitor giving homeowners insight into their patterns of energy consumption for individual devices in the home, alerting them to trends and inefficiencies. That was the mission when we joined forces with an Internet of Things company that was perfecting their machine learning models and needed assistance visualizing the raw inputs.
Case Study

The Challenge

For this home energy monitor, the client needed to:

  • Visualize results from a constantly-flowing data stream
  • Process massive amounts of data into a simple and intuitive visualization
  • Rapidly load data into a system that would function with minimal administration
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To accomplish that goal, the continuous data had to be smoothed to account for discreteness, and the visualization itself had to have the capacity to display multiple time series and support zooming and panning. We modified one of the JavaScript libraries typically used for such visualizations to get the job done.

Case Study

The Solution

Enplus Advisors constructed the entire data infrastructure for the client, bringing the final product from vision to reality. The software platform runs on the cloud, so homeowners can check on their house while they’re away—checking that they turned the oven off or even receiving alerts when the sump pump turns on. The home energy monitor has now been consistently rated among the top 5 of its kind multiple times by consumer review publications.