Synthesizing Survey Feedback
for the Classroom

What happens after a classroom survey assessment is completed? For one client, a team of people manually tabulated the results and presented them teachers and school administrators. To grow the business and serve more schools, the survey company needed to automate its entire process, from survey administration through the critical analysis and tabulation phase.
Case Study

The Challenge

Our client was dealing with:

  • Large quantities of highly variable data
  • Surveys that used different questions, scoring logic, ranking hierarchies and parameters
  • Surveys that differed between classes, schools and districts
  • The need for an automated system that could query data across all variables
People Talking
Case Study

The Solution

Enplus Advisors developed a backend that quickly processes survey data and generates detailed reports for teachers, classes, schools and school districts. The surveys are now conducted online, with different versions and scoring logic applied according to the client’s agreement with particular schools.

The company gained the capacity to process 7.43 million responses from 136,793 students in 7,588 classrooms for public schools in Hawaii. It has since evolved from a consulting business to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider and is now the leading provider of classroom surveys in the United States.