World-Class Analytics +
Mission Critical Data


World-Class Analytics +
Mission-Critical Data

With our roots in the well-established rigor of quantitative hedge fund analysis and our experience applying predictive modeling across a wide range of industries, to accomplish a wide range of goals, we know how important it is to get your data analysis right. The first time. And every time.

We’ll work with you to extract and prepare your data from any source pro- gram—and we’ll even help you design a process to replicate that extraction, error detection and format conversion for the future. From there, we’ll determine not only the quality of the data and its uses, but also how best to apply it to achieving your business objectives. In short, we’ll help you isolate the signal from the noise.

Data Analysis

Enplus Advisors can help you find solutions to any number of analysis challenges. Most of our work falls into the broad categories of:

  • Data science and machine learning models
  • Chief analytics or chief data officer consulting
  • Statistical analyses
  • Anomaly detection

Preventing a
Flood at Home

See how a “smart home” startup learned to catch and stop catastrophic water leaks.

Giving Securities
Analytics a Boost

Learn how we helped a financial analytics provider amp up their throughput by 300 percent.