What We Do

From machine learning data pipelines to cloud native API architectures, we consult on and build data science solutions and custom software.

We Start by Listening

While we do not offer one-size-fits-all solutions, we do begin every project in the same way: by listening, first to your team, and then to your data. We do this by way of interviews and preliminary analyses. Our goal here is to understand your business objectives and to see if your data can help you achieve them. All data is not created equal, and before we can proceed to the next step we need to make sure that the signal outweighs the noise.

Examples of goals that we have helped our clients reach:

  • Calibrating user-specific settings for a wearable biometric device
  • Estimating the future return of a stock based on publicly-available insider trading data
  • Building exploratory visualizations to see if sports team synchronicity influences performance

Gathering the Data

Extracting and preparing the data for analysis is usually one of the lengthier stages of a project. We will work with data in any form: text files, Excel worksheets, SQL databases, etc. If you would like to have the capacity to perform recurring analyses, we will design a process that will extract the data from the source, check it for errors, and convert it into a form that will work with common analytical tools. Read an example of how we gather and prepare data here.

The Agile Approach

Our approach to software development is rooted in the Agile Method, in which incremental enhancements are made over the course of the project. Additionally, we are familiar with numerous programming languages, which gives us an extensive set of tools to work with. Developing custom software is by nature unpredictable, and our iterative, open-minded approach ensures that we not only solve your initial problem but that we are able to handle everything that comes up along the way.

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