Over 80 people at Microsoft NERD for the workshop. We had a lot of people come out for the Predictive Analytics Meetup Machine Learning Workshop.  David Weisman did a great job teaching about clustering and classification.  I hope everyone enjoyed the decision tree and random forest talk.  It was great to have both beginners and more advanced folks from the predictive analytics community. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments on the talks. Thanks again to Microsoft NERD for hosting! I’ve posted the slides from my talk on slideshare. The code that accompanies the talks can be found on Github or using the command:
git clone git://github.com/dgerlanc/mlclass.git
I’ve also made the code available from the Enplus Advisors website. You should be able to install the package from RStudio or from the command line. In RStudio, you should be able to select from the menu bar Tools -> Install Packages… to get the following prompt: From here, you can select the package from the location you downloaded it to and install it. Alternatively, from the command line, change your working directory to the location where you downloaded the file and type:
R CMD INSTALL mlclass_1.0.tar.gz